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Take Highlights Out Of Your Hair

Q: Is there any way that you can take highlights out of your hair without having to grow them out?
A: When the hair is highlighted, the color is removed via a bleaching process and is permanently gone. The only way to restore the hair's natural color is to either grow out the bleached hair, or perform a color service to match the natural color as closely as possible. Your best bet for getting a natural looking result is to visit your local salon and ask for a "tint back" procedure.
The stylist will select a color that is as close as possible to your natural color, and will apply the color to the lightened hair first in order to blend the highlights back into a solid color without making the non-lightened hair too dark in the process. The stylist will take into consideration the base color of the hair and the base of the color being used to make sure there are no unfortunate color results.
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