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Highlighting Gray Hair

Q: I have red the question named "Grey Hair and Highlights" but have a more specific question: I am 43 years old and have 20% grey hair mixed with my natural color of medium to dark brown hair. I do not like the idea of coloring all of my hair and have never dyed my hair. I have always highlighted my hair with foils at a salon; but I have never highlighted my hair since I've become grey. I just want highlights. Is it ok to just highlight my hair with foils or a store bought kit without coloring it all over?
A: Well, the fact of the matter is that you won't generally be able to achieve total gray coverage with highlighting, unless the grays you have are unusually clustered where you can gather them into the various highlighted segments. Aside from that, you can pretty much do as you wish with regard to the coloring of your hair.
That being said, depending on the method used in creating your foil highlights and the number of highlights you get, you may find that having your hair highlighted will minimize the appearance of the gray in your hair.
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