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Pony Tail and Highlights

Q: I have black hair and highlights on the pony tail part. I dyed my hair my natural color - which is black - on Wednesday night, so that I can highlight my hair. I was wondering would it be ok if I highlight my hair on Sunday.
A: The answer to your question depends on the condition of your hair. If your hair is in good condition, you should be fine to go ahead with the highlighting. If you have any question about it, perform a strand test.
Take a lock of hair from an inconspicuous place on the head, and apply the highlighting product. Keep a close watch of the amount of time it takes to get the lightness you desire. Having been colored repeatedly before, may mean that your hair will process much more quickly.
After the test strand has been lightened, shampoo it and dry it thoroughly. Carefully examine the hair for signs of damage, and do not proceed to highlight the hair on your head if the test strand looks fried or straw-like.
If, however, everything looks good, you're safe to proceed. The results should be fine.
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