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Foils and Pregnancy

Q: Is it safe to get foils in your hair when you are 23 weeks pregnant? Thanks.
A: It's good that you are thinking about how this sort of chemical process can affect you in your pregnant condition. While the foiling process means that no chemicals are actually supposed to come in contact with your scalp/skin, it is advisable to get a patch test beforehand to make sure that you haven't developed any sensitivity to the chemicals in case there is any dripping of the color.
Pregnant women often discover that chemical hair services they've gotten many times before react differently when they are pregnant. Changes in diet and hormone levels can be hard on the body, and cause it to respond differently than it may have previously. A woman may have had a dozen perms before, and get one when pregnant and discover that it just doesn't take as well. Haircolor may take more (or less) time to process.
The biggest concern, and most likely result problem you'll face in getting the foils is in dealing with the odor and fumes of the haircolor, particularly if the foils are bleached for highlighting. I know many pregnant women become very sensitive to odors. You may want to speak to your stylist and see if you can stop by before booking an appointment for the foils and be present when another foil coloring process is being performed. I'd hate for you to make an appointment, get into the chair and have to leave halfway into the process because you are being made ill by the fumes.
That being said, as long as you can tolerate the fumes, and you show no signs of sensitivity to a patch test (which should be performed 48 hours before your service is to take place) you should be okay to get foils in your hair even though you are pregnant.
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