Trimming of a Mixed Child's Hair

Child with mixed hair
Photo: Gelpi/Shutterstock
Q: I have a granddaughter that is mixed. We have been trying to take care of her hair the best that we know and your site has enlightened me a lot.
My question is as a child of three and never having her hair cut, how often should she have it trimmed to ensure her growth to continue along with the conditioning techniques that we have learned from your site? Thanks so much for your help.

A: Trimming the hair is a matter of individual need and generally doesn't follow a set schedule.
You simply need to examine the hair periodically and keep track of signs that the growth is becoming uneven. Most people generally have their hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks on average in order to maintain the hairstyle they have chosen. This schedule will vary depending on how quickly an individual's hair grows.
In the case of growing the hair, you only need to cut the hair to remove split ends and such when they become present. If the hair is well-conditioned and healthy, there is no reason to trim it to ensure growth. It will grow on its own.
Just help your granddaughter to keep her hair clean, well-conditioned and free of tangles, snags and split ends and you will all be happy with the result.
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