Keep Hair Manageable

Girl with long racially mixed hair
Photo: Irina Bg/Shutterstock
Q: Hi. I'm mixed race and my hair is quite long (in line with my chest), coarse, and thick. I have to tie it up in order to keep it tame. I want a new cut now which would enable me to leave my hair down without it going absolutely crazy.
Would thinning my hair help the bulk? And is there any particular shape I could have it cut into which would make it look 'neater' and less 'poofy'?

A: My best advice to you would be to be sure to condition your hair thoroughly and keep it well nourished and moisturized. You may even want to get and use a light oil spray to keep the cuticle layer smooth and the hair tamed.
You should be using a rinse-through conditioner after every shampoo and a leave-in conditioner daily. In addition, a good deep conditioning treatment every week would help to keep the hair well conditioned.
Not being able to visually inspect your hair, I can't realistically advise you regarding a good hairstyle for your hair type, but I can tell you that thinning the hair can help to reduce the volume and bulkiness of a hairstyle. However, thinning should be done in a controlled manner and generally should not be done more than every third or fourth hair cut, depending on the length of the hair.
For determination of the most flattering style, you will need to visit your local salon and speak to a stylist who can help you by evaluating your face shape and hair type. He/she can then recommend some hairstyles to give you the most flattering appearance and can show you how to style the hair to keep the hair manageable.
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