Blowdry African Hair

Blowdrying African hair
Photo: Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock
Q: Can you blowdry African textured hair straight? If not what is the result if blowdried?
A: You can blow African-textured hair straighter if not absolutely straight. Blowdry straightening works using tension and heat to alter the physical side bonds in the hair.
Most African-textured hair is fairly coarse, and may be kinky, rather than curly, and may be weaker along the length at the points where the hair bends. This can result in some breakage if you are too strenuous in your styling.
Normally, blowdrying African-textured hair is done to prep the hair for another style process - such as Marcel Ironing, flat ironing or hot combing. Blowdrying the hair straight may remove some of the curl or wave in the hair, but the end result will be a fluffy look, and not one many people find esthetically pleasing.
You will be better served to blowdry the hair and follow up with a flat-iron or hot comb for a truly smooth, straight look.
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