Flat Iron African-American Hair

Straightened African-American hair
Photo: Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock
Q: Hello. How many times a week can an African-American woman flat iron her hair?
A: If the African-American woman has taken proper care of her hair and it is healthy and in good condition, AND if the right styling products and appliances are used in the proper manner, then she can flat iron her hair every day as needed to keep the style she desires.
The flat iron should be only as hot as is necessary to create smooth straight hair. Any excess heat can cause damage to the hair by leeching away moisture.
I know African-American women who flat iron their hair daily, and have beautifully healthy hair. The fact is that they take very good care of their hair. They condition the hair daily, keep careful control of the heat settings of their flat iron, and use protective products to prevent damage from heat styling.
It's important to remember that when you use a flat iron, there should not be steam or smoke during the pressing process. If there is steam, then the hair being ironed is not sufficiently dry for flat iron styling. If there is smoke or the smell of scorched hair, then the iron is too hot for use on the hair and should be adjusted.
If your hair is showing signs of dryness, frizz, and/or breakage, then your hair is damaged and should not be flat-ironed without very special care being taken. It may also be advisable in some cases to forego flat iron styling until the hair has been restored to some level of condition and health.
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