Difference between Hair Wax and Gel

Hair wax and gel
Q: What is the difference between hair wax and hair gel? What should I use to style my short (pixie) hair?
A: Gel is a much heavier and more slick product than wax. Gel looks like a wet, jelly-like substance while wax looks much more like a semi-dry paste.
Gel is usually used in styles where the hair is slicked back into place, such as ballerinas combing their hair back in tight buns, or men who like to wear their hair in super neat, side-combed styles.
Some women with curly hair also apply gel to their wet, just washed hair, and then blow-dry it with a diffuser attached to the front of their hair-driers. This encourages the curls to form, but the hair has a coarse, hard feeling to it thanks to the dried gel.
Wax is lighter and looks much more natural. Think “bed-head” styles and you’re heading in the right direction. Small amounts of wax are applied to dry hair, and then the hair is sculpted into style. If you feel your hair has lost its volume and body during midday, you basically just ruffle your hands through your hair and make it stand up again.
Gel tends to make hair look wet, while wax just looks dry and natural. Thus, wax is probably what you should be using for your pixie style. If you’re still unsure, ask your stylist to show you how the two products can be used to create different looks.
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