Blowdry or Airdry Hair

Girl with wet hair
Photo: Maxim Ahner/Shutterstock
Q: Is it better to blowdry your hair or airdry? If blowdrying, then how should I blowdry so that my hair stays straight and doesn't go frizzy?
A: Well, from a hair health standpoint, airdrying the hair is less harsh on the hair and results in smoother, healthier looking hair. However, properly protected and conditioned, the hair can be blown dry safely.
To keep the hair straight and smooth during the blowdrying process, always direct the airflow away from the scalp along the hair shaft. This prevents the air from pushing against the overlapping scales of the cuticle layer and raising them, which makes the hair frizzy and rough.
You should also use a diffuser attachment on the hair dryer when drying the hair, to prevent the hair from being overheated in any given spot.
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