Bleached Hair For Men

Young man with bleached hair
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It seems totally cool for women to go platinum, icy, bleached blonde, and in fact, many men find this look quite desirable. But what about men going down this avenue? Frosted tips are so nineties and reminiscent of boy band nostalgia, so why would any strong man want to go down the super blonde route? If a guy is going to color his hair or even contemplate that notion over going naturally salt-and-pepper, why would he dare to choose platinum? Because it is actually a pretty bold, daring, and sexy look, if I do say so myself.
Billy Idol has maintained this color since the peak of his career in the 1980s and it has become his signature, something that he has yet to rid himself of and I am fairly certain that he will be buried with his icy locks. Women found Idol to be extremely sexy and no one questioned his style whatsoever and the same went for rap icon Eminem, who spent much of his success as a bleached-blonde sex symbol, one that many men looked to emulate. No one even seemed to care that boy banders like Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake of ‘NSYNC also rode the bleach train.
The eighties may have been about way too much mousse and hairspray, but the other decades were consumed with high levels of peroxide. If you stop and think about it, many extremely handsome and well-known celebrities and musicians have gone platinum blonde in the past decades, and it has opened the door for men now to take the leap. Why not? They always say, "Why be basic when you were born to stand out?" With hair like this, you will surely stand out. If done right, it will be done in a great way, and you will feel like a whole new man. You will love this fresh new style.
Billy Idol with bleached hair
Billy Idol - Photo by PR Photos
Justin Bieber with bleached hair
Justin Bieber - Photo: Shutterstock/Jaguar PS
Justin Bieber has been on and off the platinum blond train and he definitely knows how to rock it. Whether it is shaggy or super short, he knows how to rock bleached hair and regardless of how you feel about him, you have to admit that he can pull off any color when it comes to his locks.
Along with Bieber, we also have Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction and the boyfriend of model Gigi Hadid, who I doubt would let him walk out of the house if he looked horrid with the platinum buzz cut, especially when she is on top of the latest trends like hair contouring. Adam Levine is my favorite bleached blonde of the moment as he has been named People's Sexiest Man Alive. He was a coach on "The Voice," and one of the most successful musicians of all time as he fronts Maroon 5. He is an exceptionally visible figure and has gone from naturally dark to buzzed to platinum and I believe that he is showing men that they, too, can make an impression with light hair.
The fact that Adam Levine goes back and forth from dark to light shows how easy it is for men to change their hair color, and if they want to alter it at lightning speed, they can, which is very reassuring, especially for a male who is on the fence about what to do with his hair.
That only applies to men with short hair though, so keep that in mind if you do decide to take the plunge because if your hair is long, the bleach will cause a lot of damage to your hair and it will take a lot of time before you can return to your "roots" so to speak.
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