Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham is a British singer, fashion designer, actress and model, born on April 17th 1974. Her nickname was Posh Spice when she joined the Spice Girls.
  • Victoria Beckham with long curls
  • Victoria Beckham bob
  • Victoria Beckham's short hairstyle how to
  • Victoria Beckham with short razor cut hair
  • Victoria Beckham's trendy short hairstyle
  • bob with the back cut shorter
  • a-line bob
  • Victoria Beckham - Bob with a longer front
  • Victoria Beckham with boyish short hair
  • Victoria Beckham's pixie haircut
  • Posh pixie haircut

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The whole world watches Victoria's hair and she has quickly become one of the most influential trendsetters when it comes of the fashion of haircuts. Her hairstyles have gone through many colors and many shapes, from long and natural flows to years of precise short haircuts, short bobs, A-line chin lengths, geometrical shapes, straight lines, sharp angles, spikes and always a step ahead.
Victoria shows us how many amazing looks one can have with short hair. It is easy to tell that she has a lot of fun with fashion and always ready to push the limits and find new ways of making fashion headlines.
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