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Marion Cotillard, Victoria Beckham & AnnaSophia Rob

La Vie En Rose London Movie Premiere - 03/29/2007
Marion Cottilard with her hair in a short shag
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       Marion Cotillard is wearing her hair a snazzy jazzy red color mingled with cinnamon and coppers. Her hair has been cut into a short shag with multiple irregular forms and jagged ends. This hairstyle is uppermost for a sporty look, whether it be for gardening in spring time or snowboarding in the winter time. The decorative white choker around her neckline, on her black beaded top is a priceless display of fine taste. Our celebrity has breathtaking eyes; were I to change anything about her photo, it would be to replace her dark eye shadow, with a lighter pastel taupe or smoky sage. Both would bring out the color of her blue eyes and enrich her peers that much more.
Sport Industry Awards in London - 03/29/2007

Back view of Victoria Beckham's haircut        Victoria Beckham's hairstyle can be tweaked and textured with scissors or sliced with a razor for this accommodating short haircut. Her hair is clipped closely to the head in the back and moves into a longer form, into the crown. The hair around the ears has been slithered into a fineness and just enough to place the strands behind them smoothly or to allow the hair to fall wistfully over her ears. The longest section is on the top with about 9-12 inches of smooth bands of hair styled into the peek a boo bars, that are so prominent today.
       There is enough new growth in our celebrity's hair to bring attention to her delightful dark brown eyes. Having olive skin tones and a lovely oval face, what's not to like? If you are looking for a new short hairstyle you might consider taking this photo to your hairstylist to see if this look would be right for you.
The Reaping Los Angeles Premiere - 03/29/2007
AnnaSophia Robb hairstyle AnnaSophia Robb - Hair that flips out in the back
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       Totally engulfed in the world of pastels, AnnaSophia Robb has straight rounded lines that go under on the sides and flip out in the back. There is a high right part capturing the attention of the smooth lines and her hair color is a light cotton candy beige. Pretty color! I can see Ms. Robb on a lazy afternoon, sitting in a boat, on a peaceful lake, complete with gloves, large green hat and a green and white parasol; as her beau rows them around the spring setting filled with swans swimming all about. Naturally, her hair would be in an updo; to look that much more romantic, wouldn't you agree?
       To stop daydreaming a little bit, her hair was washed and dried perhaps with a diffuser to prevent any frizz and then hot rollers used due to her busy schedule with the concept of watching the timing. Afterwards, a vigorous brushing would determine the hair to go under and flip out, such as we see in the picture. Ah, to be a star!