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Victoria Beckham & Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen - 05/06/2009
Gisele Bundchen - Long hairstyle with a rounded curve Gisele Bundchen - Long foiled hair with browns and blondes
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Those that have become connoisseurs of hair will be overtaken by Gisele Bundchen's luxuriant dip that covers part of her face. The other side is rolled a little bit on the top then, brought out to allow for the rounded curve, while the rest nestles upon her back. In the second photo we can get an idea of the many multiple colors that have been foiled in Gisele's long hair; browns, blondes and caramels.
Gisele appears to be the girl who likes to spend some time outside gathering a few freckles along the way and is very natural and attractive. Her greenish/turquoise eyes are quite natural appearing with her; natural brows, light misty shadow, mascara, light eyeliner if any, bronze/blush and transparent flesh toned lip tint. A good complexion builder is her tropical orange colored earrings that promote her tan.
Victoria Beckham - 05/06/2009

Victoria Beckham has said good bye to her bob in trade for some more pluck with short dark layers that are filled with rounded poufs and idle strays of hair. The bangs are flattened upon her forehead and divided in pieces, more one way, less the other way. Her pixie is combed to expose her ears and the back has frivolous carefree ends upon the nape. I think I hear applause coming from the seats, I knew everyone would like her new look. The use of a simple large round curling iron with spot curls will allow you to achieve this masterpiece for yourself, when you get the haircut.
Victoria plays up her eyes with penciled strokes in her brows, white and grey shadows, eyeliner up and down, lashes and mascara, light bronzing/blush and flesh colored lip tone. Tip: Today's look, accents the eyes and plays down the lips.