Victoria Beckham's Short Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham's hairstyle
Q: Can you give me directions on how to create Victoria Beckham's short hair style please?
A: Victoria Beckham's look is a short, sassy and asymmetrical hairstyle that suits her face very well and has helped her shed the "matronly mom" image she was getting after the birth of her children with her husband, David. This is a return to the sexy "Posh" of Spice Girls fame and comes in time for the group's reunion tour.
The haircut is a pixie-ish style, with sharp layering in the nape area that contours along the shape of the skull. The length is increased as you move to the top of the head and the fringe area. The cut is finished off by lightly texturing the ends of the hair by point-cutting the ends or using a razor tool to give a softer, sculpted look.
See the diagram to show you the elevations and angles for cutting to create this look.
Victoria Beckham with short hair
Victoria Beckham - Photo by PR Photos
Victoria Beckham's short haircut
Victoria Beckham - Photo by PR Photos
Once cut, the hair can be styled by applying a sculpturing product like a strong mousse or gel, and blown-dry to pump the volume as much as desired around the lower areas, while drying the upper sections to keep them straight and smooth using a paddle brush.
Finish by using a light amount of pomade or styling wax between the fingers to make some definition in the strands by combing the fingers (coated with the wax) through the hair to finish the style.
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