Mary Elizabeth Winstead Hairstyles

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an American actress, born on November 28th, 1984.
  • ponytail with hairband style
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • neo-retro hairstyle
  • hair cut with a slanted line
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead's bob
  • 1950s fashion style
  • long hairstyle with loose waves
  • Mary Elizabeth Winsteads brunette hairstyle
  • Mary Elizabeth Winsteads edgy bob

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Mary has a universally beautiful face and multifaceted personality leading to a range of different fashion and haircuts. She does not fit into a box and shows it. Her hair has had a gamut of tones in the ebony to mahogany and café au lait range and even though the length did not vary extremely the individual looks did even more.
Romantic updos that could have turned heads on the streets on antiquity were replaced by long looks and short textured bangs that brought back a flavor of the 50s. With her rounded face shape Mary always looks great with a few layers, tapering or tendrils on the sides and bangs that don't weigh her down.
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