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1950s Waves and Curls

Mary Elizabeth Winstead attended the Los Angeles Premiere of "Scott Pilgrim verses the World." Mary's attractive medium length dark hair was worn over her head and to one side conforming into waves and curls similar to the 1950s.
A sure way to achieve this type of vintage hairstyle is to roll your hair with conventional rollers into the direction you desire to have the waves. For example, section your hair off on the side as pictured in Mary's photograph and then use medium sized rollers going over the head until the top of the cheekbone. The rest can be rolled in a vertical formation. The other side can also be rolled down, with the stopping point in the same place and completing with the vertical direction. Roll your back down from the crown and about half way complete once again with vertical positions. Brush out when dry and allow flipping into place.
Mary's eyes are kept in a prime neat form with darkened eyebrows, thick eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is a white shadow and a darker shadow and a buff color in the inner creases of her eyes. A light pale blush is upon her cheekbones and a luminescent pale pink for her lips. Suggestion: a darker rich color lip tint and a thinner line of eyeliner that would open up the eyes more.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead wearing her hair with waves and curls Retro look with rolled hair - Mary Elizabeth Winstead Vintage hairstyle with curls - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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