Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Hair

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Updo with just above the eyebrows bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an all around actress, but is mostly known for her roles in horror films. She is known as the scream queen.
Her hair color is a rich warm cinnamon brown that sets off Mary's pink hues in her face. Her bangs are set at just the top of her eyebrows with a little bit of curve to them.
The rest of her hair has been styled up from the ends and attached to a long hair type of ribbon going across the back of her head and along each side to give the appearance of shorter hair.
The length of this style is becoming to Mary and if my eyes weren't deceiving myself, all those pieces of hair in the back look like extensions. However, we know extensions go under the hair not above it. Very different and unusual updo.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead with cinnamon brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
Hair styled up to give the appearance of shorter hair - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Photo by PR Photos
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