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Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Bangs

This is a beautiful brunette hairstyle. We love the blunt cut bangs that have a slight touch of airiness and whimsy to them. The bangs are pushed forward and cut just past the eyebrow line. Forward bangs can require lots of upkeep, especially when you like them on the longer side. After a week or two they grow too long and get in your eyes. Learn to trim up your bangs yourself or expect frequent visits to your salon so your stylist can do a quick bang trim for you. The bangs make this hairstyle very sexy and dramatic and that makes them totally worth it.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead's soft hair with loose waves The length of Winstead's hair is cut several inches past the shoulders with soft longer layers to help break it up. The shape is kept soft yet full and very thick looking. The texture created in this hairstyle is lovely. Soft, loose waves are very trendy right now and the girly look is nice on all face shapes. Try this look out yourself with a large sized barrel curling iron. Curl your strands and them brush them out for a super shiny result.
Winstead's hair color is a dark, chocolate brown at the roots and grows out a few inches before it lightly melts into a lighter shade of brown. This ombre coloring technique is super low maintenance and is still very popular and on trend. You can try it with all kinds of different colors and shades, too. We think Mary's color looks great with her coral-red dress. The overall look is very classy and chic without looking too overdone.
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