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Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Angela Kinsey

Annual Saturn Awards 05/10/2007

Mary Elizabeth Winstead with her hair in a ponytail        Mary Elizabeth Winstead is known for her roles in Disney movies, such as: Sky High to name just one. Looks like she has grown her short hair into a thick, long mane and styled it up with the ageless ponytail and a hair band across the top to hold any stray hairs that would dare to peek out.
She looks best with choppy bangs on her forehead, as it makes her look like the perfect baby doll. She is wearing attractive long beaded earrings that look good on her refreshing school girl appearance.
The 2007 NBC Network Upfront - 05/14/2007

Angela Kinsey - Smooth long hairstyle with bangs        We know Angela Kinsey in her role on the sitcom The Office. She looks a little bit like the late Sammy Davis' wife of a young May Britt, with her long and straight platinum blonde hair. Isn't it amazing how much better everyone looks when they smile. We are seeing one picture of her with a half hearted smile and the other with a cheery smile.
Her hair has smooth lines that are chopped on the ends with a few tweaks for bangs. This look is impressive and inspiring for others who have straight blonde hair like Angela. If this hairstyle is for you, don't forget to bring this photo to your hairstylist.