Katy Perry Hairstyles

Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter and musician, born in California on October 25th 1984.
  • Katy Perry's smooth bob
  • Katy Perry with wavy hair
  • Katy Perry's neckline hairstyle
  • Katy Perry with long hair
  • Katy Perry with blue black hair
  • Katy Perry with blue hair
  • Katy Perry with black hair

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Katy's looks are just as fun and energetic as her songs. Only she can get away with wearing a cupcake bra and a bright blue wig. Her style could be described somewhere between Pop Art and Pin-Up. With all the fun and the retro vibe there is of course a world of possibilities to play with her raven hair.
Channeling goddesses and cult icons like Betty Page and her 1950s colleagues Katy looks quite riveting with medium long curls, all neatly styled off to the side. Straight bangs à la superwoman are rather fitting just as the long, opulent locks or a simple, classic bob.
In the past Katy also expressed her fashion sense with medium long, straight but layered and textured shag type haircuts, but the stylish, iconic looks that go so well with her outrageous outfits and the innocent look in her huge blue eyes, are truly award worthy.
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