Katy Perry's Vintage Hairstyle

Katy Perry wearing her hair in a vintage hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Katy Perry's captivating hairstyle features shiny coal black ringlets that dance around her head.
Her hairstyle is reminiscent to the fifties with the straight side part, flat crown and the top that is combed over into a small curl that sets high above her brows. The ringlets begin around the edges in the back and also adjacent to her brows around the sides.
Her hair is cut in long layers and lies about midway upon her neckline. Katy's total style definitely flashes back to yesteryear and she completes her look with light shadow, eyeliner, extended brows, lashes and mascara and the reddish/orange lip tint that was very trendy during that time and orange/gold loop earrings.
Her style is a very light hearted summery expression. Mint julep anyone?
Katy Perry - midway neckline fifties hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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