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Katy Perry - Blue Black Hair

Beautiful Katy Perry stood out from the crowd as she smiled for the cameras at the KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2010 on December 02, 2010. Her inky blue black hair flowed in thick gentle waves until it touched her shoulders where you could see the blunt edges on her ends.
Because Katy is wearing one of the dramatic colors, her eyes and skin stand out more than many of the non dramatic tones. The dramatic colors are considered to be various high fashioned reds, various blonde platinum's, silver and coal and blue blacks.
Katy is wearing a matted cover foundation, arched brows, light and dark shadow, eyeliner, concealor, lashes and mascara. She has blush and is wearing a light pink lip color. Her purple and pink dress portrays a very delicate and dressy presentation.
Katy Perry's long hairdo Katy Perry with long blue black hair Katy Perry's long haircut Katy Perry wearing a purple dress
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