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10 Reasons to Let Your Hair Grow Long

Lady Godiva had it and so did Rapunzel. Now you are thinking about joining the long hair club as well, but you are still torn between the practical nature of your short hairstyle and the luxurious flow and lots of upkeep of long hair and are perhaps concerned about a long and dreadful transition phase. Having had long and short hair several times, I can assure you that it is not as hard as you may think to let your hair grow.
There are many beautiful styles for every length and most of the time you will not even think about the fact that you are waiting for your hair to grow.
woman touching her long hair 1. Feel Luxurious. With a beautiful mane of hair it does not matter what you wear. Leave it open and flaunt its shiny, healthy abundance and you will look like a million dollars, even without the diamonds. For special occasions go for an elaborate updo with lots of height and some curled tendrils framing your face and have a red carpet look wherever you go.
2. Balance your Proportions. Some body shapes, especially the bottom heavy ones, also called pear shaped body shapes, often appear more prominent if there is only little hair on top and therefor little volume. Having a longer style, can stretch the silhouette and balance out the proportions. Best if there are some curls and waves or volume gained with wispy layers. Talk to your hairdresser about which length would be best for your face and body shape.
3. Wear a Ponytail. Ponytails can be worn in so many ways and they are so much fun. As a side effect they are young looking be either sporty or very elegant. Also they are one of the easiest hairstyles to make and just think of all the chic and accessories you can wear with them.
4. Save Money. You won’t have to see your stylist every 6 weeks or more often to get a trim on your short cut. That can add up over the years. However you should still have your tips cut every now and then to make sure that your hair stays healthy and that split ends are eliminated before they even come into existence.
5. Feel Empowered. In many cultures hair has an almost mystical quality and it is much more than just decoration or style. In Polynesia it is an expression of your “mana”, your life force. Your long hair has been with you for many years. It is a reflection of your own health and it also carries the memory of these times within in. This, in turn, is also the reason why many people cut it again, once there is a dramatic event or change in their life.
6. Feel Sexy. Since ancient times long hair was the adornment of beautiful women. Considered to be a sign of fertility it turned into a symbol of sensuality and femininity. This perception seems to root deep even today as many men still swoon over long locks and find women with this attribute highly desirable. Due to this many feminists went under the scissors and had their hair cut to make a statement, but today we should be able to enjoy long hair without falling under any kind of label.
7. Be Natural. Get in tune with nature and with yourself. Be proud of your natural growth and do not cut what the universe has given you. Where else would you weave the fresh flowers or feathers into, if not in your hair? Use henna to give it color and herbal rinses to make it shiny, healthy and strong.
8. Express yourself. Nothing spells Freedom better than a mane of untamed long hair. You don’t have to go as far as to don a tie dye outfit, but let your hair grow as long as it wants to and hang loose in the meantime. Make your own rules and leave conventions to others. Long hair has always been an adornment of poets, composers and other artists.
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