Long Hair and Age

Shoulder length hairstyle for an older woman
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Q: Do you think a 40-year-old woman who is quite young in her views and dress sense should have short or long hair? Is there really an age when you are too old for long hair? What is more slimming - long or short? I am 5'9" and 145 lbs.
A: I think that any woman should have a hairstyle that reflects her personality - without regard to her age. The hair should accentuate your face and features, and be compatible with your build.
For a slimming effect - when needed - generally a hairstyle that has added height on top, low volume on the sides and length will flatter the face and build. Just remember to keep the length in proportion to your height.
There is no age requirement for long hair. Most women who choose to go from long to shorter styles do so for reasons other than age alone. Many times they want convenience, and sometimes it's a matter of personal taste or the desire for something different.
But, I assure you, very few women today feel the need to say, "I'm 40 now, so I need to cut my hair." As long as you like it, it fits your personality and style, and it looks good, wear your hair however you like.
Take a look at these 40+ ladies and judge for yourself:
Teri Hatcher hair
Teri Hatcher - Photo: carrie-nelson/Shutterstock
Catherine Deneuve hair
Catherine Deneuve - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
These ladies are past 40 and look lovely with longer hair. Their hairstyles are different, but share a common theme: the looks are all flattering to their faces and builds. So go ahead and wear your hair whatever length you want.
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