How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Damaged hair with split ends
Split ends will make your beautiful locks look awful. There are different causes for split ends and there isn't much you can do to repair your damaged hair once you have them. In the past people have been trying to cure split ends by burning the ends of the hair so that they would seal. No need to say that this was not a solution for the problem and that it made the situation worse than before.
Split ends can not be repaired. The only efficient way to get rid of split ends is to have them chopped off. Avoid recurence by having a trim about every six weeks. Do not ingnore your split ends! The longer you leave them the further they will climb up the hair shaft. Finally a drastic (dramatic?) haircut would be unavoidable.
There are a few products that will temporarily cure your split ends by sealing and coating the ends of the hair. As soon as the hair is being washed or brushed though the split ends re-appear. Intensive conditioning treatments might help to reconstruct the hair shaft, but again this will only be a temporarily solution.
The only real solution for split ends is simply avoiding them. Some people's hair will be splitting a lot faster than other's. It is a fact that dry hair will split faster. It is however not only your hair type that makes you vulnerable for split ends. Also how you take care of your hair is very important. Over brushing will cause split ends and exaggerated backcombing will also make the hair split since it is disturbing the cuticle. Brushing hair when it is still wet is one of the most important causes for split ends because wet hair stretches by as much as 25%.
Hair with split ends
Coloring and perms make hair weak and vulnerable for split ends. This type of hair needs extra care and should be treated with the appropiate products. Use a lot of conditioner and comb your hair through before rinsing it out.
Heated appliances can make hair become dry and finally it splits. Try to avoid using heated hair appliances as much as possible! If you are using them anyway, make sure to protect your precious locks with a protective product.
Towel drying is not good if you want to avoid splitting hair. You should blot your hair and then carefully comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Avoid using a hair dryer as much as possible since the heat won't do any good to your hair.
Elastic bands and all sorts of other hair accessories can damage your hair. Avoid using uncovered elastic bands since these often pull out hair when being removed. Other accessories will damage or weaken the ends of the hair.
And last but not least: Your health will affect your hair. If you have a dry scalp your hair will split faster because there is not enough lubrication on the hair follicle. Dull hair caused by a low fat diet will also be more vulnerable.
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