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The Long Hair Trap

Have you ever wondered why you are wearing your hair long? Do you sometimes wonder what it would feel like and look like if your hair was shorter or do you not doubt the benefits of the current length of your tresses at all? As with many things in life, we tend to get comfortable with elements of style on us and in our surroundings that worked once.
Girl with long reddish hair Long hair, just like your favorite pieces of furniture or that blanket that you have been using for the past 20 years, can turn into a part of our comfort zone and remain there for all eternity if not re-examined. Don't get stuck in a rut and freshen up your world!
Are You Trapped?
Comfort zones are not as nice as their name promises. They can turn into traps and keep us from improving, learning new things, experimenting and reaching our potential on many levels. Being stuck in one look and turning inflexible can mean that you do not look as good as you could at this point. It is scary for many to leave their comfort zone and to venture out into unknown and untested territory. This might be healthy in some situations but definitely not when it comes to your hair.
Are you scared to have it cut, because you think you might regret it? Do you fear the reactions of your social surrounding to a new look? Does your hair define you or do you define your hair? These are some questions you can ask yourself and even one yes might indicate a hairy trap that you could be caught in.
The trouble with the long hair trap is that often the subjective image of the person who is carrying the beloved mane around is quite often contradictory to what the rest of the world perceives. This becomes even worse if the relationship with the long hair is so close that even regular trims are out of the equation. It is time for an intervention and rescue from these entangling vines which are holding you back from enjoying a beautiful you with a look that really matches your needs and your personality.
Steps to Freedom
Whether your long hair is the expression of a deeper emotional need or just the result of a great loyalty to things that were once good and worthy, getting out of the trap takes a few steps and some inner work on your part, but it is a challenge that can be overcome.
Imagine ...
a new you with a sexy, chic hairstyle that is much shorter, much lighter, much cooler and much easier to take care of than what you are dealing with now!
Perhaps you have already done this many times, but have not found the courage to take the steps and really make your phantasy come true. It is easier than you think, but you have to be consequent and stop pussyfooting around. And trust me, you will feel re-born, have new energy and this refreshed aura of yours might just lead you to other new ventures that you don't even dream of yet.
Who says a change of hairstyle cannot be life-changing? Your new look will also be noticed and admired by all the people around you and you better prepare your humble self for all of the compliments you will be getting. These will again increase your sparkle and confidence and you might as well invest in a beautiful new little black dress for all of the party and dinner invitations that you will get.
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