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Punk does not even look good on Billy Idol anymore. The tendency of some among us to keep going with the funky punky 80’s looks until they almost reach that decade in their own life is perhaps not the best idea. Wispy and expressive is good, but stay clear of the sharpened, needle-stiff spikes.
Hair Color
Perhaps an even bigger question whether to wear the hair short or long after our college days have become a distant memory, is about the color. First of all relax. No decision about hair color is irreversible. So have fun with it! If your hair is turning grey and you are not ready for going all natural, then there are many color options and products available to help you out.
Talk to your stylist about the perfect color that matches your skin tone and is expressive enough for your personality. Now here is where you may enter perilous terrain. Expressive is good, intense can work well too, but there are indeed a few things to consider when picking your hair color.
• Avoid very dark and harsh colors like black, blue black, very dark browns. These colors will not look natural and enhance all of the potential little issues you may have with your skin.
• By all means avoid any shade of purple, pink or light blue. No need to elaborate on this one.
• Neon colors, extreme shades of red, everything that looks more like candy than hair needs to be left to a new generation.
• Stick with a warm, natural tone that matches your skin tone and brings out the colors of your eyes. In case of doubt go lighter than dark, since dark hair does add harshness and years.
• Highlights are the wonder weapon to look fresh and attractive. They soften the colors and add much flattering dimension to your hair.
• Grey is the new blonde. It is sophisticated chic and sexy. Consider this before you pour on the pigments. If you don't like the exact shade that comes to you naturally, try a precious silver or platinum color.
As a summary, there is no such a thing as specific haircuts that are appropriate for a certain age group only. The lines are much more diffuse than they ever were and we have a wide range of choices for gorgeous hairstyles at any age.
The only things to keep in mind are the basic rules to find a cut that just really works for you and that brings attention to your good sides and distracts a bit from others. Keep it soft and keep it flowing and fun, in long or short, but most of all keep it uniquely you.
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