Black Light Hair Color

Neon hair that glows in the dark
Photo: Lpkoe via Canva
Many years ago, I thought that I had discovered the meaning of life through hair color, but it was not just any hair color like brown or blonde. It was yellow Manic Panic, and it was said to glow in the dark.
I wasn't a stranger to eclectic hair colors, as I had been experimenting for years, but this was something so novel, and it actually worked. I stood in front of a dark window and all you could see was my hair, like the Joker from Batman, and I was so impressed that I couldn't believe such a thing would exist, let alone work.
Here we are, many years later, and hair products have evolved and improved so much. Purples are sold next to basic browns and manufactured by the same companies; gray is a color that is desired as much as white blonde. Colors we never expected to take off have become mainstream. That includes fluorescent hair colors that glow under a UV light, and it is more than just the yellow that I stumbled upon at the Sally Beauty Supply in New Orleans when I was eighteen.
Alfaparf Milano’s rEvolution NEON is a literally revolutionary take on UV hair color and comes in more than just, get ready for this, YELLOW. Yes, it is true and it is incredible because Alfaparf Milano’s NEON line has seven colors that last up to ten shampoos. Furthermore, these seven colors are mixable, according to their website. You can add as many colors as you want and glow until your heart’s desire.

Here are the amazing colors that you can choose from: Atomic Yellow (of course I would put yellow first!), Dynamic Orange, Electric Red, Shocking Green, Crazy Blue, Sexy Magenta, and Eccentric Pink. You can buy two at once, and I would definitely combine Atomic Yellow, Sexy Magenta, and Eccentric Pink with maybe a hint of Crazy Blue.
Because they are semi-permanent dyes, you can change them up more frequently or stick to the color that you like the most; you just need a great UV spot or black light in your home. You will be a fluorescent goddess or god because honestly, anyone can pull this look off and it is so unique because it adds an element of surprise for people who just think that you added bright colors to your hair. They have no idea what happens when the lights go out and you become neon and electrifying.
The names of the rEvolution NEON collection say it all about what to expect when you dare to be bold, but one thing you should keep in mind is that most rainbow colors, including UV, require that you need to start with a complete bleach overhaul. The color will be much more vibrant if you start with lighter hair than if you have darker hair. With darker hair, it may not even absorb.
Fuchsia color neon hair that glows in the dark
Image: AI illustration
Depending on how you want the colors to go and where, some opt for all-over color while others like multiple colors woven throughout the hair. You might want to consult your hairdresser to see what the best route for you is to get the best result. But if you're going to have glow-in-the-dark hair, chances are you're a risk-taker and a pretty bold person, so bleaching your hair won’t be much of an issue. Just follow all the instructions so that you don't cause too much damage to your hair in the process. Again, your stylist can help you get the best blonde for what you're trying to achieve.
Manic Panic has expanded their UV colors too. So if that is what you have grown up on and still choose to rely on, by all means, feel free to keep going. But the dimension and dramatic UV effect that Alfaparf Milano’s line will bring you is unlike anything you could have ever imagined. It is like having this luxurious unicorn hair, and it is a risk that is fun to take because there are two sides to it: the colorful side and the unexpected glowing side that will keep people mesmerized.
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