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bleached hair for men Bleached Hair For Men It seems totally cool for women to go bleached blonde, but what about men bleaching their hair? If a guy is going to color his hair why would he dare to choose platinum blonde? When done right, bleached hair is bold and attractive.

men's hair care for dummies Men’s Hair Care for Dummies Easy to follow tips for men's hair care. The basics when it comes to hair products and establishing a regular hair care routine. Hair does take some effort but in the end, you will thank yourself and be happy that you went the extra mile.

men and their beards Men and Their Beards Men love their beards and women love men with beards. Really? A study published in the Oxford Journal of Psychology confirms what we already knew deep inside: Women prefer a clean, baby smooth shaven face. So why do men do it?

faux hawk Offset Faux Hawk A male hairstyle that offers some balance and prevents the face from appearing too wide. Perfect for men who like wearing there hair short. Before and after photos with cutting and styling instructions to recreate the look.

formal male hairstyles Dressing Up Men's Hair When it comes to dressing up the rules for men are generally speaking much more clear-cut than those for women. It’s understandable, since so many men’s looks are super short. One area where many men seem to fail in dressing up is their hair. They often don’t realize what they should do. Even the ones with longer hairstyles seem at a loss.

How to own your gray hair like a male star Silver Foxes: How to Own Your Gray Like a Male Star It almost seems like men going gray is something that makes them appear more dignified and sophisticated whereas women shy away from the idea in general. So, do not fear all you males out there who are starting to get streaks of white and gray throughout your young follicles.

beard for your face shape The Best Beard for Your Face Shape Hairstyles look best when they are adjusted to a man’s face shape. The same applies to the various types of beards. There are five basic face shapes and certain beards look better on some than others. Growing beards is trendy again and is a classy way to change ones appearance.

hair tips for men Transforming Hair Tips for Men Men have bad hair days too. The difference between men and women is that men usually do not complain about the haircut like women do. The genesis for a man having a good style begins to be constructed when the stylist first looks at how his hair grows and then feels the texture.

head shaving The Shaved Head Look and How to Shave Your Head The shaved head is fast becoming an archetypal look in men's style. Some men opt for the shaved look out of a desire to cultivate a certain image. For others, it is a matter of convenience. When choosing to shave one's head, there are things to keep in mind when considering this look.

man with long hair Long Hair for Men There is a dark time in our history when having long hair portrayed anti-patriotism, laziness, and drug addiction. However, it was a time when they were honestly trying to make a statement with their long hair. What hair length is the norm for men? Can men have very long hairstyles?

men's grooming Men's Grooming - Shaving The most common method used for removing facial hair is shaving, and shaving can be accomplished in a couple of ways, with a manual or an electric razor. Getting a good, close shave from a manual razor requires knowing how to shave properly. Very few men seem to know the basic tricks to shaving.

moustaches Moustaches Moustaches are always in. The common vernacular terms for the word moustache are: stache, tache, tash, pushbroom and mo. There’s just something impressive about a man when he grows a moustache. They seem to develop a mystery from within and a new authority.

360 waves How to Get 360 Waves African American men discovered that constantly brushing short hair cuts resulted in attractive wave patterns around the hair that were called Brush Waves. Today the term for this wave hairstyle is the 360 Waves.

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