How To Get 360 Waves

360 waves hair
By Ken the Barber -
A short haircut is the classic hairstyle that has been worn by African American men for many generations. In past years, we have discovered that constantly brushing short hair cuts resulted in attractive wave patterns around the hair that we called Brush Waves. Pomades were used to further develop this style. To assist with perfecting this style, a nylon head scarf, which we call a Do-Rag, was created to help hold and mold the style.
Today, the term for this wave hairstyle is the 360 Waves. When the hair is cut very short and brushed often, a natural-looking pattern of waves forms around the perimeter of the head in almost a 360-degree angle. This is why they are called 360 Waves.
Many guys have said that they have tried many times, but have been unable to get waves. There have been many different techniques to achieve waves. I have discovered this technique to work well. Follow these instructions and drop me a note to tell me how they turned out.
What you will need:
• Do-Rag
• Firm bristle, hoarse hair brush
• Pomade - Murray's is probably the most popular brand. I prefer Nu Nile because it is not as thick and doesn't build flakes.
• Towel
• Hot water
Your Hair & Texture:
When beginning the wave process, the hair should be at least 1.5 inches in length to achieve 360 waves. Any shorter length would be too low for waves to form.
Now that you have the right hair length and you have gathered the things you will need, let's begin your 360 Waves process. Decide which hair texture you have and choose one, then follow the steps from there.
Curly Hair (very soft) - If this is your hair texture, you may start the 360 waves process with step 1.
Medium Hair (normal) - If your hair lies down naturally with no extra effort, I consider that normal. You can start the 360 waves process with step 1.
Very Coarse Hair (heavy, tightly curled, thick) - Many brothers with coarse hair say they cannot achieve waves no matter how much oil or pomade they use or how much brushing they do. But you can. My advice is to texturize the hair first to soften it. I suggest using a texturizing kit, like Sportin Waves, S-Curl, or Duke. Follow kit setup instructions carefully. Leave texturizer in for no more than 5 minutes. Neutralize and allow the hair to dry. You can use a hair dryer or just air dry. Now you can start the 360 waves process with step 2.
Start with clean, dry hair. A good conditioning shampoo would be best.
Apply a generous amount (size of a quarter) of Nu Nile throughout the hair. It may look white as though it is too much, but don't worry. It is not too much.
Soak a towel with hot water and wring it out well.
Lay a towel on the hair for about 1-2 minutes. Apply pressure to the towel, allowing the pomade to melt into the hair. Remove the towel.
Begin brushing the hair starting at the crown area. Be sure to brush evenly in the direction that the hair grows all the way around.
Tie the hair down with a Do-Rag. This is best to do before you go to bed or at any free time you have.
Repeat this process 1-2 times per day.
DO NOT brush the hair when you take off the Do-Rag.
DO NOT shampoo the hair for 1-2 weeks while processing the waves. Once the hair is wet, the wave pattern will become loose. The longer you go without shampooing, the better the waves will set.
DO NOT get a haircut for 2-3 weeks. You may get a line up, but NO Haircut.
Once you have the waves all the way around the head you may get a haircut with a 1 1/2 inch guard - with the grain.
After the haircut, repeat the wave steps process. Keep wearing the Do-Rag. You should be good on the 360 waves from this point.
REMEMBER: Ask your barber not to use a guard less than the #1 1/2 guard - with the grain.
IMPORTANT KEY: Brushing the hair evenly is an important key. Many of my clients have said that they can only get waves in the crown or the sides. That is because they did not brush evenly. Areas that are not brushed well will not wave. YOU MUST BRUSH EVENLY AROUND THE PERIMETER OF THE HEAD TO ACHIEVE THE 360 WAVES!
Best of luck!
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