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Once upon a time, there was a man named Samson who possessed the most luxurious locks around. He was the envy of everyone, including the women, especially one woman: Delilah.
Now, Delilah harbored a strong attraction to Samson, yet she couldn't control him. The more she tried, the more he resisted, until, in complete frustration, she resolved to uncover his weaknesses and defeat him that way.
Delilah did discover Samson's weakness: his long hair. One night, while he slept, Delilah chopped off his locks and thus stripped away all of his strength.
Most of us are familiar with the story of Samson and Delilah; there have even been songs sung about them. It is, of course, a fantasy that someone's strength could reside in their hair - or is it? Samson certainly believed it, and I suspect if you asked most men with long hair, they would tell you the same. They grow their hair long for a reason.
When I first met my boyfriend, his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was love at first sight! That was his strength! Not only do I appreciate long hair on men, but I also wish to see more of it.
Those long, luxurious locks represent a time when razor and buzz cuts were unheard of, and the more hair on one's head, the more virility was perceived. I believe that holds true even today.
However, there was a dark period in our history when having long hair was viewed as a sign of anti-patriotism, laziness, and drug addiction. In the 1960s, men grew their hair out in protest of the Vietnam War, and if they attended job interviews, they were often rejected with a demand to cut their hair.
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I think it was a time when they were genuinely trying to make a statement with their long hair. People were afraid of long hair and labeled them 'hippies,' 'freaks,' 'druggies,' etc. Long hair has never conveyed 'artistic,' 'gentle,' or 'feminine' to anyone.
My uncle, a retired social worker and a very conservative man (or so we all thought), has joined the most elite 'boys club' around: the motorcycle club. It seems mandatory to grow your hair long, let your beard flourish, and sport an earring. All this time, his wife was yelling, 'Keep the earring, get rid of the hair!' But my uncle loves his little ponytail.
Look at Fabio; have you ever seen a more attractive man with long hair? Where do you think they find all those models for the covers of romantic novels? They're real men, with real long hair. Fabio got his start like this.
Most of my friends are connoisseurs of short hair. We don't agree on which hair length is the norm for men. I prefer a little style, whereas they go with the flow and opt for short hair. A long ponytail on a man has never deterred me from having a good conversation. I'd say about 5 out of the 10 men I know personally have long hair, and on certain occasions, when these friends are feeling particularly strong, we don't want them to cut it off. We won't be envious of it, and if we're lucky enough, we might see it come down.
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