Transforming Hair Tips for Men

Female stylist cutting men's hair
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Men have bad hair days too. The difference between men and women is that men usually don't complain about the cut like women do. They just notice their hair won't comb the way it's supposed to and get a little bit frustrated over it. If they really like their barber or stylist and have become friends with them they will excuse one or two bad cuts.
Barbers and stylists have bad days too. Professionally, this is never a reason to compromise their technical ability. If the bad haircuts persist, friends or not, a man will seek a good cut elsewhere and with good reason.
The genesis for a man having a good style begins to be constructed when the stylist first looks at how his hair grows and then runs their hands through the hair to feel the texture. Everyone’s hair grows in a circular setting beginning in the crown area and as you will see, the bend of the hair all moves in the same direction.
Hair licks or cow licks as they are sometimes called are formed in two ways: one when the hair is combed against this motion making the ends stand up and secondly when you see a break in that direction with a small amount of hair heading in a different path to “do its own thing.” Not to worry, hair licks are so in vogue today. If you are troubled about your hair having so many cow licks pointing in all directions, something for you to remember is: so do the charming male celebrities.
Another thing your barber looks for is what kind of a growth your neckline has. If your neckline is a normal, average even growth, then almost anything goes. However, if you have inherited your Uncle Harry’s neckline that grows to the middle or side making a point because on each side, your hair is growing in half circles toward that point; you are going to find it very difficult to cut your hair in a normal everyday style. This also depends on how strong those half circles are.
Targeting your neckline with the clippers from short to a fade is a good choice. If your choice is to keep your neckline a little bit longer, about 2-3 inches of length in the back would work. Use a medium-sized round brush and turn it under while using your blow dryer. A good styling gel or lotion should help you with your project.
The neckline of a man's hair
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This same suggestion applies to those who have other types of irregular hairlines with half circles of hair growing on the sides of their necklines or only one half circle growing in the corner of their neckline. You may have a bald spot on the right lower part of your neckline.
I’ve even seen zigzag lightning parts where the hair is crushed on both sides, each growing in opposite directions. This small genetic tattoo of your hair is what makes you even more special. These are all problematic necklines and they can all be custom-clipped attractively just for you.
Some men have very high necklines and where the neckline would normally assume to be, there is a noticeable thinning of hair instead. With this type of problem, the best thing you can do is to either allow the high neckline to grow down into the thin area where the normal neckline would look best. Next, give a localized layer about an inch up from the decided neckline. Your other option is to clip your hair clipper short, fading and blending upward into the thicker area.
While we are on necklines, let's put forth a little honesty about what looks good and what doesn't. If a man is balding in the crown but is keeping his hair long and over his collar, in truth, this only makes the baldness more noticeable. For less focus on the baldness, get a good clipper cut.
Handsome man with his hair in a buzz cut
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You don't have to shave your head the way we are seeing in today's trend, but a good buzz cut about an inch short and few people will barely notice you are balding. Depending on the shape of the head and the texture of the hair and facial features, a clipper cut can make a man look younger and more masculine.
Thick, coarse, and wiry hair can be a problem for men, too. Should you have a good thick solid neckline, make sure this is cut cleanly for you. None is more ineffectual and distasteful than to see a huge full head of hair on a man that needs to be controlled, unless you are a rock star.
With this kind of hair, you can do just about anything. If you are an athlete, a good clipper cut all around the sides fading into your short crop on the top can look very masculine and extremely attractive to the ladies. Your top should be no more than two inches. When you sit in the stylist's chair, tell her you want a square cut. This does not mean you are going to have a flat top or a buzz cut. What it does mean is that she is going to enhance your masculine features.
The barber or stylist should already know to give you a square cut as you never give a man a round cut. Especially if you have a round face, you should ask for a square cut, as this will even out your features. The clipper closes in to the sides with a square on top. Like a box. With the right barber or stylist, you will see magnificent right away.
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