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The Best Beard for Your Face Shape

Hair cuts look best when they are adjusted to a man’s face shape. The same applies to the various types of facial hair. There are five basic face shapes and certain beards look better on some than others. Growing beards has become trendy again and is a classy way to change ones appearance and to spice up any look. Facial hair can help you to bring attention to your favorite features and also to distract from areas you find less appealing. Beards, short and long, full or stubbly are masculine, sexy, romantic, adventurous or classy, sophisticated and they express a man’s personality like nothing else. It grows for free and you don’t need a fancy stylist to tell you what looks great on you. Take a look at our suggestions for the different face shapes, get some ideas and let it grow!
Square Faces
David Beckham What to look for: Square faces have strong, angular lines around chin and jaw that have about the same width as the forehead. The best look for facial hair balances out these lines and brings a manly, but yet smooth element to the equation.
Who did it: David Beckham does not only have strong soccer legs, but also very distinct lines shaping his square face. The fashion conscious star wears a short stubbly look on his head and in his face. The hair is clipped close to the skin with a smooth transition between the facial hair and the super short crop on his head. Even though it looks effortless, there has been some shaping and targeted grooming to give it distinct lines around the mouth and on the sides. It is your luxury version of the scruffy 3-day beard.
Oblong Faces
Tom Ford What to look for: Oblong or rectangular faces have similar edgy lines as the square face, but are a bit longer. The beard perfect style for this face shape is one that visually shortens the face while at the same time balancing out sharp angles and strong lines.
Who did it: Fashion icon Tom Ford found makes a statement with a light and well shaped super hot scruffy shadow beard. The shape and thickness of the beard is dominant enough to distract the eyes from his slightly receding hairline. If you like Tom Ford’s look just put aside that razor for a few days and then make sure to trim it regularly and to keep a clean outline.
Round Faces
Kanye West What to look for: The name says it all. Round faces have smooth lines and can handle more distinct outlines and shapes of beards to boost a masculine appeal and lengthen the face. Be careful however to not go ‘overbeard’ with the growth.
Who did it: Kanye West balances his features in with a debonair moustache that is connected to the chin hair by thin, well shaped lines on the sides of the lips. Together with the very short hair on his face the outlines give him a smooth, manly and cultivated look. With this style it is important to keep the neck and the cheeks clean shaven and the outline of the facial hair crisp and clean. Once the contours outgrow the style looses its effect.
Triangular Faces
Ryan Gosling What to look for: A narrow, pointed chin and a wider forehead shape a triangular face. This shape can handle longer and fuller facial hair.
Who did it: Check out Ryan Gosling’s facial growth. Around the Oscar nominated actor’s chin a soft, dense layer of hair bolsters the contours and a moustache of the same length balances out the weight at the chin. This look is easy to grow and to maintain. Just keep it growing until you get the desired length, but keep the moustache trimmed and well shaped. Make sure that there are not too many random hairs on cheeks and on your neck, use a fine razor to keep a clean outline.
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