How to Own Your Gray Like a Male Star

Anderson Cooper hair
Anderson Cooper & Kelly Ripa - Photo: Ron Adar /Shutterstock
It almost seems like men going gray is something that makes them appear more dignified and sophisticated, whereas women shy away from the idea in general. We want to stay young and youthful, right down to our roots and we don't care how much money we have to spend or what lengths we have to go to in order to get there. It just feels like salt-and-pepper is more accepted for men than women, and I cannot understand why.
Yes, we do have positive examples of females in the public eye who have gone gray and look fabulous (Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton) but it is the men who have coined the term "silver foxes," Anderson Cooper in particular. The celebrated news anchor started going gray at around twenty years old and admits that he wishes he had his dark locks at times as he is a natural brown-haired man who evolved to salt and pepper, as he explained to Kelly Ripa and now, he has a signature silver look that I cannot imagine him without.
He has said his hair is very low maintenance. He gets inexpensive haircuts at a local shop in New York City and makes sure that it accentuates his face more than anything else, but he does have moments where he feels old. "Every time I look in the mirror, I still, in my mind, think I have brown hair and then I'm like, "Who is that old guy?" I think that his hair color just adds to his personality and the line of work he is in. CNN wouldn't be the same without him at all, and I think that men should look to him when they fear the future because there is truly nothing to worry about, much like Cooper's close friend, Andy Cohen.
Andy Cohen hair
Andy Cohen - Photo: Ron Adar /Shutterstock
Andy Cohen is infamous for his signature salt-and-pepper short locks yet he, like Cooper, manages to wear his hair in a way that still makes him look youthful. With the silver hair of Anderson Cooper and the salt-and-pepper of Andy Cohen, the two make a dynamic duo which is probably why they have embarked on a sold-out world tour and have both written New York Times best-selling books. Not to mention their popular nightly television shows that garner the admiration of pretty much everyone in the industry.
As for Hollywood, George Clooney is someone to emulate when it comes to silver haired men. He has long sported his salt-and-pepper locks and he rocks it better than anyone out there, walking the red carpet because he is not only educated and smart but he is witty and dashing; the perfect combination of man.
You may need some motivation to be okay with your hair turning gray, as the idea of coloring it may not be something that appeals to you. We get it, and it is not for everyone. That is why you need to find the men who went gray but did it in a completely perfect manner and let them be your visual guides as you go on this journey.
George Clooney hair
George Clooney - Photo: Serge Rocco/Shutterstock
Richard Gere hair
Richard Gere - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Both Harrison Ford and Richard Gere are two longtime silver foxes who have had both longer and shorter hair, but they have both found happy mediums that have clearly made them assets to Hollywood as well as eye candy in general. "Pretty Woman" anyone? Julia Roberts' character was young and vibrant, with wild red hair while Gere was serious (but playful), sporting his gray-shorn hair but you could see why she was attracted to him.
Streaks of gray, even in the beard area, give off the impression that one is dignified, respected, and, in men, it is extremely attractive. Benicio del Toro has let his hair go natural, as has Gerard Butler, and though it may be for films and such, there has yet to be a negative response to their new looks, as there is something so refined about a bad boy maturing.
Television saw the return of "FRIENDS" star Matt LeBlanc, and he was without his signature black locks, but rather rocking a faded gray version of his classic Joey Tribbiani style. Along with late-night host Jon Stewart and former "Grey's Anatomy" star, Eric Dane, gray is the new black and this is not a drill. Men are allowing themselves to be natural. Look at "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and his gray beard!
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