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Up-Style for Mid-Length Hair

Most women enjoy the convenience and ease of care granted by today's shorter hairstyles, yet when it comes time to attend that special event, they feel forced to accept the sleek, slicked-back hairstyle. In some cases, sleek is the way to go, and if that's your personal preference, don't hesitate to grab the gel and go for it.
But if your problem is that your hair is just too short to pull back into the classic French Twist, consider this: a shorter up-do with more interest.
Step One:
Remember that freshly washed hair is much harder to work with in up-do styling. Clean healthy hair is silky and smooth and easily resists confinement with hairpins. The stylist will need to "rough-up" the hair, and usually add hairspray and other product to give the hair some texture.
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To begin, brush out the hair thoroughly to remove any tangles, then section off the hair along the front and sides, stopping at the crown of the head. Take the crown hair in hand like a ponytail and divide it into two equal parts. Back-comb (or tease) the inside of the divided section 8-12 times for each half and rejoin them. Run your comb lightly on the outside of the section to re-smooth the exterior of the section.
Then, create a small 'French-style" twist with this section and pin it securely using two large bob pins crossed into an "x" or "+" formation. Tuck the ends of the hair carefully beneath the twist, mist with hairspray and smooth lightly with your comb or fingers. This will be the base of your up-style.
Step Two:
Start with the hair at the nape of the neck and section it into segments roughly 1" (2.5cm) wide. Apply a little hairspray to the segment and comb it through until dry. Try to always comb in the direction you intend the hair to be placed. This will help the hair to stick together and will make the segment appear ribbon-like.
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Slide a bob pin (wavy side out) onto the segment about one-quarter of the length from end. Holding the bob pin, flip it over and grab the end of the hair and pull the segment up and slip the pin into the twist to anchor it. Tuck the ends of the segment under the segment using the tail of your comb, mist with spray and smooth gently.
Repeat this step until you've worked through all the hair at the nape of the neck. You can feel free to cross over previously placed segments. Use your own judgment and sense of esthetic. The more interest you create, the better the hairstyle, generally.
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