How to Blow-dry an Angled Bob

  • Angled bob - Side view
  • Angled bob - Frontal view
  • Angled bob - Back view

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1. What you will need:
a. Clips
b. Hair dryer
c. Hairspray, heat-protecting product & styling products
d. Combs and round brushes
2. The model’s hair should be just washed and still wet. This is important as it is very unpleasant to try and blow-dry dirty hair. The sebum attached to the hair shaft gets sticky when exposed to the heated air of the blow-dryer, and the results are even worse.
Comb out the clean hair with a wide tooth comb, and apply the blow-dry lotion and heat-protection product to the hair. Remember to always use care when handling wet hair, as hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet.
  • Wet angled bob
  • Blow-dry an angled bob
  • Draw out a section of hair above the nape
  • Blow-dry with a round brush

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3. Blow-dry the hair until it is about 80% dry. Use only your hands and the hair-dryer at this stage. Always remember to blow the hair from above the head in a downwards position, as this allows the air to flow downwards and over the hair shafts, which closes the cuticles of the shafts. When the cuticles of the hair are blown closed, the hair looks much shinier and vibrant, resulting in an excellent end-product.
4. Draw out a considerable section of hair above the nape area. It depends on how long the hair of your model is. If the hair is long, your section should be smaller. This model’s hair at the back is quite short, thus the section is wide because it will be easy to blow-dry. Clip the rest of the hair on top of your model’s head do that it is out of the way.
Dry the sides of an angled bob 5. Take your round blow-dry brush and blow dry this section until it is completely dry. Repeat this process one section at a time until you reach the occipital bone area. As the hair in this area is quite short, it should not take long.
6. Once you have completed the back section, you can proceed towards the sides of the model’s head. The hair is longer in this section, thus you’ll have to use thinner sections. Keep the width to about two inches. Clip the rest of the hair to the top of the model’s head to make sure that it is out of the way.
7. Again use the round blow-dry brush to blow dry the hair. Take care in the vicinity of the model’s ears and face. Blow-dry the hair until it is 100% dry and as straight as possible.
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