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How to Match Hairstyles and Glasses (2)

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At the same time very dark glasses can look spectacular on blonde women, if the frame and the size of the glasses really match her face. Of course these stand out much more, but again, it is a matter of personal taste.
What to look for and to avoid in Hairstyles
There is one element of haircuts that does not work with glasses. It is the long, asymmetrical fringe. Avoid any diagonal streaks of long hair over your face when you wear spectacles. Too many lines can create chaos and distract from the both, the hairstyle and the glasses.
girl with long hair wearing glasses If you have special designer glasses with much decoration, rhinestones or special coloring on the sides, then you’d be happy with a haircut that leaves the sides open, is short or tugged behind the ears.
Straight bangs increase the “strict look” effect that some glasses can have. If you like it, go for it!
There is no advantage or disadvantage of having your bangs touch or even cover the frame of your glasses. It is up to you and your personal taste.
Behold the Brows
Glasses bring more focus to your eyes and to your eyebrows as well. Make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed, neatly plugged and well shaped. Details like this have a big effect on your overall appearance.
There are as many different types of glasses as personalities out there. If you follow these simple guidelines and shop around, try on different styles and experiment with daring and more subtle frames, you will find the perfect pair.
Glasses are a medical aid and necessity for many, but that does not mean that they cannot be beautiful and improve your look! Have fun with this prescribed accessory and perhaps get even an extra pair in a different design!
And yes, they also make you look smarter… but you already knew that, right?
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