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Author Amber
Amber is a licensed hair stylist, a former Redken educator and has owned a hair salon for 10 years. As an experienced hairdresser, she has gained a great deal of practical knowledge over the years. Throughout her years working behind the chair as a hairdresser, she has invested in continuing her education in color, styling, and hair cutting techniques.
Amber is happy to share her hairdressing experience with Hairfinder’s readers, and her articles are full of practical information and useful tips. She strives only for the best and is excited to offer her skills and knowledge to others. She is happy to educate you on how to take care of your hair, how to style it, and how to use the products you may need to get that salon-quality hair at home.
Author Bea
A hairdresser is an artist. The hair, in various forms, is the material with which she works. A hairdresser works with different tools: scissors, clippers, brushes, combs, curlers, hair dye, styling products, etc. These are all tools she has to learn to work with. She takes her time, just like an artist.
Bea is an artist and also a writer with a great interest in and a lot of experience with hair and hair styling. She has always had a natural affinity for making hair look beautiful and has a natural flair and aptitude for the art of hairdressing. She is constantly creating things, and as an artist, she can perfectly empathize with the aesthetics of hair cutting, styling, and coloring.
Bea has always had a passion for doing hair, and her artistic view of things makes her an amazing writer about hair and hairstyles. The perspective of her articles is refreshing, and she succeeds in presenting complicated subjects related to hair in an understandable way.
Author Chris
Chris has been active in the hair industry for over twenty years. He loves being surrounded by the atmosphere of the hairdressing salon life and admires the beauty, passion, and the work that goes into what hair stylists do.
He continues to expand his knowledge of the hair industry by attending workshops, seminars, and hair shows to learn from the best. He has seen, from the front row, how hair fashion and hair care have evolved over the past years and has learned that hair fashion has a recurring cycle: what was once popular will come back, sometimes in a slightly modified form.
Hair is a fascinating and sometimes emotionally charged subject, and Chris tries to highlight the different aspects of it in his writing. He makes his experience available to help readers of Hairfinder with useful tips and information.
Author Elani
Elani is a qualified and experienced hairdresser who has worked in salons for several years. She has also been doing bridal and special event makeup and hairstyling, for which she travels to the venue where the client is based. She has gained a lot of valuable hairdressing experience over the years. She is really good at making the best of any situation, and hairstyling is one of her biggest passions.
Writing is Elani's other passion, and she likes to write in her spare time. In addition to articles, such as for our website, she writes stories for adults, as well as children's and young adult books. In her articles on Hairfinder, she enjoys sharing her knowledge about hair and hairstyles with our visitors and other hair professionals.
Elani knows the art of presenting difficult matters in an understandable way and is able to empathize with the readers' situations. Being a qualified hairdresser with an excellent writing talent, she continues to captivate our readers and provide answers to their questions about hair.
Author Gretchen
Gretchen is a model and a mother of three girls. As a model, she always has to look good, so a good knowledge of hair and makeup is indispensable for her. As a mother of three daughters, hair and hairstyles also presented her with other challenges. After all, girls always want to look good and often call on the help of their mother.
Over the years, Gretchen has built up an immense knowledge of hair and hair styling, sometimes through trial and error. She likes to share this knowledge with you, as readers of Hairfinder. Her articles are peppered with real-life experiences.
Author Irene
Irene is a young woman who loves to laugh and spend time with her sisters and friends. She grew up as the sixth of seven children in a wonderful family, the perfect environment for imagining, creating, and dreaming. She started out in a beautiful downtown location after graduating from beauty school. She now has a lovely station at a fabulous hair salon.
Irene has completed Redken Education classes, where she has learned advanced color application techniques and creative cutting methods. Whether it's a new funky cut, beautiful highlights and base coloring, or a smoothing blowout, she is a stylist who can make your hair wishes come true.
Her passion for doing hair is evident in her work, and her dream as a licensed hair stylist is to make people feel beautiful inside and out. Her experience over the years and attention to detail make her a stylist who takes pride in her work and ensures her clients walk out of the salon totally satisfied with their hair. Irene’s passion for hair and hairstyles is clearly reflected in her writing.
Author Mandi
Mandi started doing hair for friends and family and has a passion for it. She lives for hair and has worked as a hair salon assistant, which was a great way to gain hands-on experience. She loves the salon environment, the energy that a hairdressing team brings, and the way it makes her feel. It was also a bonus to be among many talented hair stylists who were generous with their skills and knowledge.
Writing is another of Mandi's passions, and since she is very knowledgeable about hair care and hairstyles, she is perfectly placed to write articles on the subject. Her real-life experiences are an almost inexhaustible source of information for those interested in all things hair and hairstyling.
Author Penny
Penny is a professional hairdresser and once had her own hair salon. She has been cutting, coloring, and styling hair for years. She is a great listener and takes her time to ensure she delivers her absolute best every time. She strives to always create a memorable experience for everyone who sits in her chair.
During her career as a licensed hair stylist, Penny encountered many different situations, each of which was a learning experience. The invaluable practical experience she has built up over the years is something she is delighted to share in her articles on Hairfinder. Penny's writing is pleasant to read and is always supported by facts from real life and knowledge from the hairdressing world.
Author Stacy
Stacy knew he had a passion for hair from a young age. Ever since childhood, he has been fascinated with hair and beauty and has enjoyed brushing, combing, braiding, and styling hair. He had a creative and artistic bent and was fortunate to meet and become friends with artists who nurtured this talent. For him, hair was just another artistic medium.
Before attending cosmetology classes, Stacy had worked as a writer and had written both as an on-staff and freelance writer for periodicals and local magazines. However, he always wanted to become a hairdresser and help others get the look they desired. This prompted him to pursue a career as a hairstylist after his time as a writer. His years of hairdressing experience and his writing talent make him perfectly suited to writing fascinating and educational articles.
As a licensed cosmetologist, he has been working on building a personal client base with very loyal clients. He strives to build a strong relationship with his clients and to understand their desires and needs regarding their hair and makeup. Stacy believes in educating his clients on products and maintenance for their hair care needs, so that they can maintain the achieved look at home. He views his work as a form of art and finds joy in helping others to feel and look their best.
Author Susan
Susan enjoys al things beauty and always had an interest in cosmetology and fashion. She started her hairdressing career more than ten years ago. She likes to find and create the perfect style for each unique head of hair and loves her job, especially knowing that she can change the way a person looks and feels by cutting, coloring and styling their hair.
Susan has always dreamed of having her own hair salon, and this dream has now become a reality. It is vital to her to stay educated on today's hair trends and techniques. Education and information is key to success in the hair industry as styles and trends are always changing.
Truly passionate about her career, Susan loves sharing her knowledge about hair with others, through writing. She likes writing about the techniques she learned at hairdressing school and throughout her career. She also likes sharing the techniques she developed with others, both professional hairdressers and those who like to take care of their hair themselves.
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