Hairfinder's Authors

Author Amber
Amber is a licensed hair stylist, a former Redken educator, and has owned a hair salon for 10 years. As an experienced hairdresser, she has accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge. During her time working with clients, she has continually invested in furthering her education in color, styling, and hair cutting techniques.
Amber is delighted to share her hairdressing expertise with Hairfinder’s readers. Her articles are rich in practical information and useful tips. She is dedicated to providing the best service and is eager to share her skills and knowledge with others. Amber is passionate about educating you on hair care, styling techniques, and product usage to achieve salon-quality results at home.
Author Bea
A hairdresser is an artist, utilizing hair in various forms as their medium. They wield an array of tools, including scissors, clippers, brushes, combs, curlers, hair dye, and styling products, each requiring mastery. Like any artist, a hairdresser takes their time to craft their work.
Bea embodies the essence of an artist, complemented by her proficiency as a writer and her extensive experience in hair and hairstyling. With a natural talent for enhancing hair's beauty, she effortlessly navigates the art of hairdressing. Constantly creating, Bea's artistic sensibility allows her to deeply connect with the aesthetics of cutting, styling, and coloring hair.
Driven by her lifelong passion for hairstyling, Bea's artistic perspective enriches her writing on hair and hairstyles. Her articles offer a refreshing viewpoint, effectively demystifying complex hair-related topics for readers.
Author Chris
Chris has been active in the hair industry for over twenty years. He revels in the vibrant atmosphere of the hairdressing salon and deeply respects the beauty, passion, and dedication that hairstylists pour into their craft.
Continuously seeking to enhance his expertise, Chris attends workshops, seminars, and hair shows to glean insights from industry experts. With a front-row seat to the evolution of hair fashion and care, he understands the cyclical nature of trends, observing how styles resurface with subtle modifications.
Hair is a captivating and often emotionally resonant topic, and Chris endeavors to explore its diverse facets in his writing. Leveraging his wealth of experience, he offers valuable tips and insights to Hairfinder's readers, aiming to empower them with practical knowledge.
Author Elani
Elani is a seasoned and skilled hairdresser with extensive experience in salon environments. Alongside salon work, she specializes in bridal and special event makeup and hairstyling, often traveling to clients' venues. Her years of dedicated practice have endowed her with invaluable expertise in hairdressing, where she excels at adapting to any situation, fueled by her deep passion for hairstyling.
Writing serves as Elani's secondary passion, which she indulges in during her leisure time. Apart from contributing articles to platforms like ours, she crafts stories catering to adults, children, and young adults alike. Through her articles on Hairfinder, she delights in sharing her profound understanding of hair and hairstyles with our visitors and fellow professionals.
Elani possesses the skill of simplifying complex topics for reader comprehension and empathizing with their circumstances. As a qualified hairdresser with exceptional writing talent, she consistently captivates our readers and offers insightful solutions to their hair-related inquiries.
Author Gretchen
Gretchen is both a model and a mother of three girls. As a model, maintaining a polished appearance is essential, necessitating a strong understanding of hair and makeup. Additionally, as a mother to three daughters, Gretchen faces additional challenges with hair and hairstyles, as girls often seek their mother's assistance to look their best.
Over the years, Gretchen has accumulated a vast knowledge of hair and hairstyling, often through trial and error. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with you, the readers of Hairfinder, infusing her articles with real-life experiences.
Author Irene
Irene is a vibrant young woman who cherishes laughter and spending time with her sisters and friends. Growing up as the sixth of seven children in a warm and loving family provided her with the perfect environment for nurturing her imagination, creativity, and dreams. After graduating from beauty school, she began her career in a charming downtown location and has since secured a delightful station at a prestigious hair salon.
Irene has enriched her skills by completing Redken Education classes, where she mastered advanced color application techniques and creative cutting methods. Whether it's crafting a new funky cut, applying beautiful highlights and base coloring, or delivering a flawless smoothing blowout, Irene is a versatile stylist capable of bringing her clients' hair wishes to life.
Her unwavering passion for hairstyling shines through in her work, and her ultimate goal as a licensed hair stylist is to help people feel beautiful both inside and out. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, Irene takes immense pride in her work, ensuring that her clients leave the salon completely satisfied with their hair. This same passion for hair and hairstyles is vividly evident in Irene’s writing.
Author Kendra
Kendra is a licensed psychologist. She combines her expertise in human behavior with her fascination for all things hair-related to explore the intersection of psychology, identity, and personal style. Through her writing, Kendra aims to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their unique hair journeys.
As a writer, Kendra delves into the psychological aspects of hair, shedding light on how our relationship with our hair can impact our self-esteem, confidence, and sense of identity. Her insightful writing offers readers a unique perspective on the emotional significance of hair and its role in shaping our lives.
Author Mandi
Mandi discovered her passion for hairstyling while practicing on friends and family, a passion that now fuels her life. Her journey began as a hair salon assistant, providing invaluable hands-on experience. Mandi thrives in the dynamic salon environment, where the camaraderie of the hairstyling team and the vibrant energy inspire her. Working alongside talented stylists who generously share their skills and knowledge was an added bonus.
Writing is another of Mandi's passions, and her extensive knowledge of hair care and hairstyles positions her perfectly to craft insightful articles on the subject. Drawing from her rich real-life experiences, Mandi serves as an almost inexhaustible source of information for those interested in all aspects of hair and hairstyling.
Author Penny
Penny is a seasoned professional hairdresser who once owned her own salon. With years of experience in cutting, coloring, and styling hair, she approaches each client with attentive listening and dedication, ensuring she delivers her absolute best every time. Her goal is to create a memorable experience for everyone who sits in her chair.
Throughout her career as a licensed hair stylist, Penny has encountered a multitude of situations, each serving as a valuable learning experience. The practical wisdom she has amassed over the years is a treasure she eagerly shares through her articles on Hairfinder. Penny's writing is not only engaging but also grounded in real-life anecdotes and insights from the hairdressing world.
Author Radhika
Radhika is an expert in the realm of hair and fashion, boasting a wealth of experience and a keen eye for style. With a passion for exploring the latest trends and techniques, Radhika is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and sharing her expertise with readers. From haircare tips to fashion advice, Radhika's insights offer invaluable guidance for anyone looking to enhance their personal style.
With a genuine love for sharing her knowledge and experiences, Radhika is a trusted source for readers seeking inspiration and advice. Whether it's discovering the perfect hairstyle or mastering the art of accessorizing, Radhika's passion for hair and fashion shines through in her engaging and informative writing.
Author Stacy
Stacy discovered his passion for hair at a young age. Since childhood, he has been captivated by hair and beauty, delighting in activities like brushing, combing, braiding, and styling. With a natural creative flair, he was fortunate to befriend artists who nurtured his talent, seeing hair as just another artistic medium.
Before pursuing cosmetology classes, Stacy worked as a writer, contributing to both staff and freelance positions for various periodicals and local magazines. However, his true ambition was to become a hairdresser and help others achieve their desired looks. This drive led him to transition from writing to hairstyling. With years of experience in both fields, Stacy's unique blend of hairdressing expertise and writing talent makes him adept at crafting captivating and educational articles.
As a licensed cosmetologist, Stacy is dedicated to building a loyal client base. He prioritizes cultivating strong relationships with his clients, striving to understand their hair and makeup preferences thoroughly. Stacy believes in empowering his clients by educating them on products and maintenance techniques, enabling them to maintain their desired look at home. Viewing his work as an art form, Stacy finds fulfillment in helping others feel and look their best.
Author Susan
Susan has always been passionate about all things beauty, with a keen interest in cosmetology and fashion. She embarked on her hairdressing career over ten years ago, driven by her desire to discover and create the perfect style for each unique individual. She finds immense satisfaction in her work, knowing that she can transform someone's appearance and confidence through cutting, coloring, and styling their hair.
Fulfilling a long-held dream, Susan now owns her own hair salon, a testament to her dedication and hard work. She understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest hair trends and techniques, recognizing that continuous education is fundamental to success in the ever-evolving hair industry.
With a genuine passion for her profession, Susan enjoys sharing her wealth of hair knowledge through writing. She delights in discussing the techniques she learned in hairdressing school and honed throughout her career. Susan also takes pleasure in sharing her insights with both fellow professionals and individuals who enjoy caring for their hair at home.