Shapes for Eyebrows

Shapes for eyebrows
Many women overlook an important aspect of their beauty routine, either because they just don’t realize the impact it can have, or because they don’t have a clue how to proceed. I’m talking, of course, about shaping the eyebrows.
I’ve been bombarded with questions from many different women about shaping their eyebrows and I realize there could be a dozen different looks on a dozen different women. However, there are really only about four basic shapes for eyebrow styling: arched, angled, curved, and flat. The rest of the variations are a matter of taste and individual need.
In order to get great looking brows, there are some simple steps to follow:
Step One: Separate and Shape
When it comes to eyebrows, a common problem is a sparse (or sometimes not so sparse) path of hairs that connects the two eyebrows, and forms a uni-brow effect. Separating the eyebrows is a simple matter of tweezing or shaving the hairs between the eyebrows in order to remove it.
Typically the eyebrows should extend from the inner corner of the eye to approximately one-quarter inch beyond the outer corner of the eye. If you use a straight edge of some sort (a ruler, slip of paper, etc.) you can lay the edge along the line of the lower lid to line up the outer corner of the lower lid and the side of the nose, the line will extend to the point at which the eyebrows should end. This is also the point at which most brows naturally end, give or take a small amount.
As for shaping the brows, the simplest method is plucking the excess hairs. This can be done using adhesive strips, hair removal wax, or tweezing. The easiest method is obviously the adhesive strips, since the shape desired can be cut from the strips and used to remove only the hairs that you don’t want.
The basic shapes of brows are angled, arched, curved and flat and they each have a purpose and are suited to certain facial types:
How to shape arched eyebrows
Arched: Arched brows are the ideal, generally, and are great for those women who have exceptionally thick brows that ride low along the brow ridge. The arched brow helps to open up the appearance of the eyes and give a more alert, bright-eyed look.
The arch shape is actually a combination of the angled and curved styles and is characterized by an upward angle from the inner corner of the eye to approximately two-thirds distance, and finishing with a curve downward along the outside.
How to shape angled eyebrows
Angled: The angled brow is noted for a sharp angle upward from the inner corner of the eye, and a downward angle toward the outer edge. Angled brows are great for those women who have rounder or wider facial features.
This style helps to create a more vertical line in the appearance of the face, for a slimming look. It is also great for closer-set eyes in order to draw the focus to the outside.
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