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Glasses and Long Bangs

Q: Are long blunt cut (straight) bangs ok when you are wearing glasses? I'm wearing eyeglasses since last week and now my long bangs are going over them. I think it looks messy, but a friend says it looks sexy. Is she right about this or should I cut my fringe short?
A: While I often encourage a woman to talk to her friends about a look before she makes up her mind (providing the friend is someone whose opinion she truly values) this is one of those situations that is special.
Learning to wear eyeglasses (growing accustomed to them) is generally something that takes time, and can be harder when various things interfere with the comfortable function of the items. Because of this, the primary consideration is going to be how much the fringe bothers you by hanging over the glasses.
Lady with long bangs wearing glasses

If it's not a bother, and you otherwise like the length of your fringe, I would say, stick with what you've got. When your friend says it looks sexy, she's probably right.
However, if the length bothers you and you don't care for the resulting look, you can consider shortening the fringe area somewhat. You can also use a "thinning" technique to diffuse the fringe and soften the ends. This should help to lessen the effect of the blunt fringe hanging over the glasses.
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