Uniform Layered & Short Graduation Haircut

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Q: What are a uniform layer cut and a short graduation?
A: These are two of the more standard "cuts" in a stylist's repertoire.
The uniform layered cut is simply a cut that is designed to create uniform lengths in the hair all over the head. This is achieved by determining a starting length and cutting guides - usually at the perimeter of the hair (which is the hair that grows along the hairline all around the head) then using these guides to cut the hairs in the sections nearest them.
Each time a new section is moved to, a portion of the previous section is used as a guide length to make sure that all the hair is cut to the same length.
Cutting instructions for a uniform layered haircut
Cutting instructions for a short graduated haircut
The short graduation cut is another catch-all type that can refer to a number of different specific looks. There can be bob hairstyles, wedge hairstyles, and even gamine-short pixie cuts that qualify as short graduation cuts. The key word in the "short graduation cut" is "graduation". For a cut to be "graduated" it must have a transition in the length of the layers in one direction or another.
The graduation is usually from longer lengths at the upper sections of the head to shorter lengths at the lower sections. The transition in length is smooth and even without any defined lengths or notable jumps from one length to the next.
Both of these techniques can be used to create smoothly-shaped, contoured styles. Examples of uniform layering can be seen in the circle cut, while the graduated technique is used to create this short layered haircut.
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