Pompadour Haircut

Brian Setzer
Brian Setzer - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Q: I need to find out where I can find pictures of a pompadour haircut - the 80s-style men's haircut. Thanks.
A: The pompadour was actually a men's hairstyle that originated in the 1950s and became extremely popular among men in the late 50s and the 60s. Such celebrities as Rick Nelson, Johnny Cash, James Dean, the Beatles, and Elvis Presley (just to name a few) all sported pompadours at one point or another.
The hairstyle re-emerged as a popular style among many rockers in the 80’s. One of the most prominent wearers of the pompadour hairstyle was and is Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats and the Brian Setzer Orchestra). Setzer still wears the pompadour style today.
The major difference between the pompadour style of the 50s and 60s and the more modern variants is that now the pompadour is usually styled with a drier look and is usually higher and fuller. This is due to the improvements in styling products and the advent of blow-dry styling.
As for finding photos of the pompadour haircut, you should try doing a web search for “pompadour hairstyle” and even for “Brian Setzer”. A cursory search revealed several sites featuring photos of the style from different eras, and some dedicated solely to the Pompadour.
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