1920s and Edwardian Hairstyles

1920s hairstyles for short hair
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Q: I am an actress and for a job I have been asked to come with 1920s style hair. I have had a look around, but it seems they are all short bobs. I have long, very straight brown hair and a fringe. Do you have any ideas?
A: While not all hairstyles in the 1920s were short bob styles, the majority of women who wanted to follow the latest trends in fashion "tossed their cares and curls away" and went short. There were those hold-outs, however, who avoided the modern styles for various reasons.
The period which immediately preceded the birth of the bob style - the Edwardian era - featured women's hairstyles that had long curls. One such style common to the era (and into the 20s) was one of curled fringe, hair teased lightly at the top and sides and combed back then gathered at the occipital bone in a bow or barrette, and the length curled into flowing ringlets.
If you have any opportunity to speak with someone relating to the job, you might ask if they are specifically looking for a short bob style, or if one of the longer, hold-out styles is acceptable. If they are looking for something shorter - a classic Flapper look - you will have to decide on whether to cut your hair or find a different solution.
And speaking of different solutions, you may be able to get the style you need by purchasing a wig and having it cut into the bob style popularized in the 1920s. Then, by carefully wrapping your long hair around your head and wearing a wig cap, you could effectively change the length and appearance of your hair without sacrificing the length I'm sure you've spent years growing.
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