Gypsy Hair Cut

1970s gypsy cut for long hair
Photo: OceanBlack/Shutterstock
Q: Hi! In the early 70s we had a hair cut which was called a Gypsy. It was layers on a longer hair and there were 3 or 4 different layer lengths on the style. Can you please tell me what the cut was so that I can get my hair cut that way? Thanks so very much.
A: The Gypsy cut was basically a long layered haircut, and generally a much longer version of what became known as the "shag".
In the Gypsy cut the hair is elevated to a stationary guide point above the head and cut to create layers that grow longer as you go down the head. In some cases - with particularly long-haired individuals - the hair would be divided into sections and layered in stages.
In other cases, the hair was instead elevated to a V-shaped guide with the shortest layers at the top center of the head, and growing longer and longer in a smooth progression. If you held the head upside down, you would see the ends of the hair form two separate angled planes that met at the center of the head.
The gypsy cut was always best-suited to women (and some men) with naturally wavy hair, or who had their hair permed to create large curls. Since the cut would prevent the curly hair from becoming too bushy, and instead give an even fullness throughout the style.
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