Greaser Hairstyle

Man with grease in his hair and wearing a silk shirt
Photo: ArtOfPhotos/Shutterstock
Q: What is a greaser hairstyle?
A: A guy with a greaser hairstyle is someone with lots of grease in his hair.
Think of John Travolta in Grease with his greased back hair and sideburns! Hair was greased with oil or Brylcream and combed into a ducktail at the back. That's why it was also named a duckbill, duck butt or duck ass (D.A.) hairstyle.
The "greaser look" was also used to describe a group of people in the 50s. Boys would wear white T-shirts, black leather jackets, black tight jeans and black boots. Greaser girls would wear short skirts, tight sweaters and tons of make-up.
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