Expecting a Baby and Hair Cutting

Pregnant woman with short hair
Q: Why do pregnant women cut their hair short? Most of my friends cut their hair a lot shorter while they were pregnant. Why?
A: There are so many reasons for this:
1. When you’re pregnant, you’re hot and bothered because of all the extra hormones raging through your system. The last thing you want is long, heavy hair sticking to your sweaty neck and face.
2. The further along you are; the less you’re really mobile. There also comes a time later in pregnancy where it’s really uncomfortable lifting your hands above your head. Thus blow-drying and styling long hair isn’t a very attractive option, and neither is scraggly, flat hair.
3. Pregnancy saps your energy into the non-existent zone. You struggle to cope with simple things like staying awake and coping with normal, day-to-day chores. Washing, blow drying and styling long hair is just too much to handle.
4. Most women (especially first-time moms) go through some sort of identity crisis while being pregnant. You go from being a young, vibrant, sexy, carefree individual to an almost-mom. The whole ball-game changes, and you’re often not so sure of yourself or where your slot in anymore.
A lot of women impulsively change their appearance (hair, make-up, clothes, shoes, perfume etc), to try and find their footing again. Oftentimes this is a very unsure and insecure time in a woman’s life (especially first time moms) thus make sure that you always make a fuss about how pretty her hair looks and how well she’s handling her pregnancy, even if it’s a white lie.
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