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Jeweled or Wired Headband

Q: I am trying to find a specific hair accessory. It looks like a jeweled wire type headband, but seems to wrap around the head somehow. I found an example in the movie 28 Days. Sandra Bullock wears them periodically in the movie. I have tried diligently to find out what this accessory is, but cannot. Can you help me out? I am hoping to find something in this style to wear to a very important charity event.
A: Although I have not seen the movie, "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock, and was unable to find any still photos from the film to guide me, I did a little searching online and discovered a variety of wired and jeweled headbands. These items range in price from the very inexpensive (U.S. $1.00 or less) to as expensive as you are willing to pay for.
These items are ideal for dressing up simple, elegant hairstyles for festive occasions, and can turn even the easiest style into an eye-catching sight to behold. They are also the perfect compliment to more detailed styles, adding the right touch of sparkle and shimmer when you want to look absolutely stunning.
Check the links here and here for samples of the range of products available for both low budget and high-budget purchases. {Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for broken links and discontinued websites. If you have problems following the links above, please use your favorite search engine with the keywords "hair", "accessory", "jeweled" and "headband".}
You can even create your own versions of these wire headband accessories. Simply find plain thin metal headbands, or wire, and string beads and jewels to your taste. It can be a fun project, and allows you to find the exact color matches you desire.
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