Highlights Q&A (2)

Highlighted hair
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How do I streak my hair on my own?
How do you do foils which are underneath and not on top?
How long does it take to highlight short hair?
How long do highlights last and how often do you need to touch them up?
How long should I leave my hair until I get it highlighted again?
How long should I wait before getting highlights and lowlights redone?
How long should I wait before getting my hair highlighted?
How long should I wait to dye my highlights again when using a box hair color kit?
How long should I wait with swimming in a chlorinated pool after getting highlights?
How long will it take for my highlights to fade?
How often will I have to go back to the salon to get re-growth of foil highlighting done?
How old should a girl be to put highlights or streaks in her hair?
How should I do the front section for chunky look highlights?
How would you recommend going back to my natural color after highlights?
I am thinking of lowlighting my blonde hair. Is that a good idea?
I am trying to find out the formula for a service called breaking the base.
I did foil highlights on my daughter's hair using 30-vol and it had a green cast. Why is this?
If I use a shampoo or moisturizer that nourishes my highlights it makes my scalp extra greasy.
If I went to a professional and streaked my black hair red or blond would it show?
I have gray streaks in my hair after trying to cover blonde highlights.
I highlighted my hair with a home frosting kit and I missed some spots.
I just dyed my hair. How long do I wait until I can add streaks to it?
I'm left with ginger hair and dark roots. Can I ever go blonder?
I'm not happy with the highlights that have been used to cover my gray hair. What are my options?
I'm on a lot of meds, and my highlights have a dullness. Any suggestions?
Is it better to have clean or oily hair before highlights?
Is it ok to dye my hair now and get it streaked blonde next week?
Is it ok to do highlights over other existing highlights?
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