Streaking Hair

Brown hair with streaks
Photo: Tracy Whiteside/Shutterstock
Q: I am getting my hair streaked blonde in one week, and I want to dye it dark brown before I go. Will it damage my hair too much to dye it dark brown now and go get it streaked blonde next week?
A: The answer depends on the current condition of your hair. If your hair is healthy, and in good shape with no signs of damage, you should be fine to use a deposit-only color to give yourself a baseline color upon which to have the highlighting done.
I do want to caution you, however, that you need to make sure to tell your stylist (the one who will perform the streaking) exactly what you have done, and what product you used. The base color of the hair color you use can have an effect on the results of the highlighting.
You may also want to speak to the stylist before performing the overall color to make sure she doesn't operate on specific personal or salon-established guidelines that would cause her to postpone your highlighting service.
Some salons have specific restrictions on the timing of multiple chemical services, as do some stylists. There are no "set" restrictions, only the ideals of not doing anything that would harm the hair, and most salons and stylists will err on the side of caution rather than risk unflattering results that would reflect badly on themselves.
By making sure that the stylist is okay with what you plan, you can save yourself potential headaches and ensure the best results from the services you plan to have.
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